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Communicate with your clients in an effective manner

Messages which come in handy for clients requiring confidentiality and other security reasons. A secure service for long code messaging and short code messaging is incorporated in our service which at times becomes instrumental.

We are a best Short & Long Code SMS company in NOIDA and Provide service across India. Through Long and Short Message Service, you can put your customer into comfort and satisfied zone as these codes are very easy to remember. It is an affordable and easiest way for customers to contact you.

VServe is always here to support your firm to grow whether you want to increase your database of interested client’s contact numbers instead of purchasing a cold data from outside or you want to increase 2-way conversations with your clients.

Comparing their acquisition process

If we talk about Long text message Code for your business it is very easy to take. You can easily get this with a very small online process and you can start sending texting within 24 hours

While to get Short bulk SMS Code for your business you need 6-8 weeks as its process is bigger than Long code. It needs to be registered with US Common Short Code Administration. Their approval is mandatory.

But here at vServe, you will get short code for your firm in just one or two weeks, depends upon your purpose. We are having pre-approved shortcodes.


Even Long Codes supports business globally but doesn’t support delivery status. So an entrepreneur wouldn’t sure that the text is received by the recipient unless they get their response. But with vServe, delivery reports for long code can be received as well.

In Contrast, short message codes are more reliable than long codes in both the aspects technical and legal. Shortcodes are country specific and notified for delivery reports.

Which code should you use?

It totally depends on your business and investment for the same.

Use long Code when your business requires:

  • Cheap and easy way to communicate with clients
  • When you don’t need to send Bulk SMS

Use Short Code when your business requires:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Able to spend little extra
  • When Long-term SMS Strategy is needed
  • It is a very easy and short way for a customer to contact you instantly
  • Get your Clients notified on their demands by sending a very short and simple SMS
  • Let your business give a chance to communicate
  • Let your Client receive an automatic SMS for nearby services
  • Replying your customer to their text messages is just a click away; check all incoming texts on our panel
  • Schedule your business related automatic SMS for your customers including brochures and other links
  • You are flexible to schedule a time after a specific period of time
  • You can use automatic reply messages to get a glimpse to your customer that with whom they are dealing with their queries
  • You can expand your contact database with an ease by collecting the contact numbers of all inbound messages
  • Use these codes for easy recall and familiarity
  • Receiving SMSs for marketing and other communication are totally free
  • You can keep your customer into comfort zone